Short Bio of Francis Niyi Akinola- Author : Blooming Through Chaotic Times

Short Bio of Francis Niyi Akinola- Author : Blooming Through Chaotic Times

Francis is the founder of ARC and You, an organisation dedicated to helping people find purpose in their lives through a synergy of Awareness, Relationship, and Career.


Through this, Francis is able to help individuals discover their true calling and achieve their full potential.


As the CEO of ARC Facilities, Francis is devoted to creating sustainable projects within the domestic and commercial building industry, where he is able to make a significant impact on the environment, helping to promote a more sustainable future for us all. Francis is also the founder of Framat, a management consultancy company.


Francis is curator of: ‘A Synergy of 3 Civilizations: The British, Yorubas & Benin (Edos)’, a Royal Borough of Greenwich Funded project which consists of guided exhibitions, lectures and panel discussions which explored the cultural richness and complex historical relationship between the British, Yoruba and Benin empires. This exhibition is touring various institutions across London, including The Royal Observatory Museum.


Francis studied Engineering at the Universities of Ilorin and Lagos, Nigeria and Management at Plymouth University, UK and Education at the London School of Academics. He is a board member of the organisations SPAPTAN, NetTrust, and Framat.


He is a Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management and The Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management and is regularly featured in interviews and articles.


Francis believes in the thriving of all and as such his personal slogan is ‘Passionate about Living’ and his motto is ‘For Service and Peace’.


He was born in Oshogbo, Nigeria and now lives in London, UK. He is married to Evelyn: they have three children: Ifeoluwa, Mercy, and Maria.